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Community > Forums > Forum > TOPIC: BMW M5 OIL PAN REMOVAL
grandcentralrail (3)   View Listings Report
Registered since Aug. 18, 2008 in | Posts: 2
Apr. 12, 2009 05:26:02


Anyone every used an engine support bar on a e39 m5? I'm trying to replace the upper oil pan so i need to hold the engine in place and lower the sub frame. The question i have is, how do i hook up the engine to the support bar without damaging the intake manifold? There are two engine lift hooks, one in the rear and one in the front on opposite side. The support bar layed straight accross the engine is pretty far from the hooks. Should i find another place at the front of the engine to bolt on a hook so that i can support the engine from the front?

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